Ulyte tablets

Nutritional support in symptomatic treatment of:

  • Digestive disorders of viral, bacterial or parasitic origin.
  • Gastrointestinal disorders caused by alterations or changes in diet.
  • Digestive alterations caused by an imbalance in intestinal microflora, caused by treatments with antibiotics, travel, prolonged periods of stress, etc.
  • Whenever balance in the intestinal flora must be re-established and/or maintained.

Presentation: box of ten 2 g tablets.

Information for the veterinarian

Ulyte should be given twice daily for two days.

  <10 kg 11-25 kg 26 - 40 kg >40 kg
Ulyte gel® 2 ml 4 ml 6 ml 8 ml
Ulyte® tablets 1 tablet 2 tablets 3 tablets 4 tablets

Generally speaking, two days of treatment are usually sufficient to resolve symptoms and to restore intestinal function.

When used as a prophylactic, treatment should start one day before the stressful situation.

In cases of severe digestive alterations, the dose may be doubled

  1. It restores gut flora balance
  2. It compacts stool
  3. It replenishes electrolytes
  4. It absorbs toxins, bacteria, viruses, etc.

The composition of Ulyte® tablets and Ulyte® gel is virtually identical, with the sole exception of activated charcoal in Ulyte® gel.

The choice of one or another formulation will depend on:

  • The client's preference, wich will guarantee treatment compliance.
  • Whether the circumstances of the case advise the use of activated carbon.
  • The preferences and protocols of the veterinarian: some veterinarians prefer to adminster a preliminary dose of Ulyte® gel in the clinic, and then let the client continue the treatment in the home with Ulyte® tablets.

* This information is available only to veterinarians. Clicking the download link declares that possess appropriate qualifications to access the content..

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