Kangoo Seb

Kangoo® Seb is a specific shampoo to support the balance of the skin microbiota in dogs and cats with oily skin.

Consists of two solutions: Solution 1 is a physiological solution that helps remove dirt, scabs and scales without losing hydration, preparing the skin for the application of solution (Kangoo® Seb).

Kangoo® Seb is designed specifically for dogs and cats taking into account their physiological characteristics.

Information for the veterinarian

Kangoo Seb is a specific shampoo, formulated with:

  • Zinc gluconate
    • An ingredient with the ability to reduce sebum secretion, helping to reduce the proliferation of sebum-producing bacteria.
  • Piridoxine
    • With anti-inflammatory properties against acne.
  • Salicylic acid
    • An ingredient that promotes cell renewal by eliminating dead cells and regulating excess sebum.
  • Quora Noni™
    • 100% natural ingredient, generated from plant stem cells. Helps rebalance the skin microbiota offering greater protection against external harmful agents.
  • Phytosphingosine
    • Precursor to ceramide, an ingredient naturally present in the skin. Helps strengthen the skin's barrier function.

Phytosphingosine is a lipid in the epidermis, a precursor to cutaneous ceramides.

A lack of ceramides is linked to alterations of the epidermis and usually arises in cases of allergies, seborrhoeic dermatitis and excessive bacterial and fungal growth.

Adding phytosphingosine increases ceramide production, helping to recover the laminate structure of the stratum corneum, regulating keratinocyte differentiation and reducing the release of proinflammatory cytokines.

At the same time, when restructuring the skin's lipid barrier, its function as a protective wall is reinforced, preventing pathogenic attack via this route, encountering a solid, unbroken block.

Quora Noni™ 

Quora Noni™ is a 100% natural ingredient, manufactured using stem cells from the Morinda citrifolia plant, known as the Noni, a species native to south-east Asia.

In vivo and in vitro studies have shown its ability to protect against external pathogens, helping to maintain the skin's microbiota balanced.

The skin is exposed to numerous external pathogens, such as bacteria, that have mechanisms to communicate among themselves to join forces and boost their development, a phenomenon known as quorum sensing (QS).

Quora Noni™ acts by implementing various strategies to block this communications system, preventing attack by toxic bacteria on the skin and re-balancing the cutaneous microbes by preventing biofilms from forming and virulence developing.


Solution 1: Physiological shampoo that removes dirt, scabs and flakes, providing hydration and preparing the skin for application of solution 2.
Its ingredients include:

  • Calendula
    • Healing and calming properties.
  • Aloe Vera
    • Calming and moisturising effect.

Solution 2: Solution 2 of Kangoo® Seb is formulated with innovative ingredients designed for skins that suffer specific disorders.

Instructions for use

The use of shampoos in a veterinary clinic constitutes an important part of most treatments for dermatological disorders.

Shampoo formulations differ according to the type of dermatosis for which they are intended.

Due to the characteristics of the patients (dog and cat are covered by hair), shampoos must fulfil the function of deep cleansing both the hair and the skin. Most pathologies affect the skin, and we must ensure that the product adequately reaches the skin surface.

The physiological pH of animals is different from the human pH, so shampoos must be specific for these patients.

Canine and feline skin is more sensitive than human skin due to anatomical and physiological differences. The stratum corneum is thinner, the pH is usually more alkaline and the density of hair follicles is higher. All this conditions the cutaneous penetration of the active ingredients.

Kangoo® is an innovative range of shampoos that protect the skin barrier's ecosystem thanks to its active substances that collaborate in a very specific way, to care for and maintain the skin.

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