Uranochip Petite

Uranochip petite is a small microchip, suitable for dogs of any size and breed. It incorporates an injector with a thinner, atraumatic and lubricated needle. It incorporates an injector with a thinner, atraumatic and lubricated needle.


  • Much smaller microchip size.
  • Excellent reading distance.
  • New, more ergonomic application system.
  • Protection system against loss.
  • Made in Europe.

Information for the veterinarian

The veterinarian requires thinner and less traumatic needles

In recent years, there has been a clear trend towards the ownership of smaller breed dogs, as well as cats and other species (rabbits, ferrets, birds, reptiles) that require injectors with thinner needles.

Moreover, of all the injections performed by the veterinarian (vaccination, antibiotics or deworming), microchip implantation is the one that uses the thickest needle (12 G needle equivalent to 1950-2235 mm) and is therefore perceived as the most traumatic by the pet owner and the veterinarian.

But even with this miniaturisation of the microchip the needle is still thicker than the one commonly used by veterinarians in other clinical procedures. Therefore, needle sharpness is essential especially when identifying puppies and small animals.

The pain caused by needles depends on the length of the needle used, the diameter and the geometry of the tip.

Thanks to the new Uranochip petite, the veterinarian can use a needle that is 50% thinner than the standard microchip needle.

To ensure optimal skin penetration, Uranochip petite incorporates a siliconised needle injector, which is sharper and therefore less traumatic, allowing the veterinarian to be more committed to animal welfare.

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