Nutritional supplements

U*vita Malt for cats

Vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids to maintain vital functions and to recover energy and vitality for your pet.

Enriched with Omega 6 and Taurine.

Ingredients: Extract of cereals, Mineral oils, Water, Taurine
Indications: As part of their natural habits, cat spends long hours licking and grooming themselves. During this toilet, a cat swallows lot of dead hair, which mixes with the food, becoming increasingly compact and eventually accumulating in the digestive tract, and this can cause obstructions and other severe intestinal problems. U*vita malt is a highly appetising nutritional supplement in the form of a paste which, due to its laxative and lubricating properties, aids intestinal transit by helping the natural expulsion of hairballs and prevents constipation. U*vita malt is supplemented with taurine, which is an essential amino acid for cats that cannot be synthesised from other amino acids and so enough has to be administered in the diet. In addition, due to its content in essential Omega 6 fatty acids, it helps to keep hair and skin in good condition, thereby promoting a soft and shiny coat
Route of administration: U*vita malt is administered orally, by depositing the recommended dose on either of the front paws or on the snout. The product has a highly viscose consistency, causing it to stick to the fur, and the cat will tend to lick it as part of its cleaning habits. U*vita malt is highly palatable, and can therefore be administered directly by mouth or mixed with the cat’s usual food
Instructions of use: Administer 2-3 cm of gel, 2-3 times a week between meals
Always follow the directions of your veterinarian
Storage: Keep closed in a cool and dry place
Keep out of reach of children
Presentation: Tube with 50 g

Information for the veterinarian

Malt Malt extract with mineral oils
Omega 6 Gamma linolenic acid
Taurine An essential amino acid for cats

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